onceuponadollHello! I am Wade.
I'm a girl from Puerto Rico and I collect BJDs as a hobby. I also like otome games. I made this page to share my dolls and their stories and some other things that I fancy.


Dolls Info

Vladimir is from Dream of doll, an DOT code no.03. Dylan is an Dollclans Phython head with Impldoll Starman body hybrid with neck mod. Rosiel is a Fairyland Fleepe65 in natural skin.


Dylan Walker is a charmer.

He has a deep melodic voice and a way with words that makes you agree to whatever nonsense he’s uttering. He also has perfected the art of lying through omission. Details never escapes his notice and he has a quick, clever mind. Many agree that this man is not to be trusted.

~~ His new clothes set were made by my mom <3 <3 <3 <3 I’m so in love with them! Fits him perfectly :D

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